Promise for more

Additol Lubricants caters to a vast array of customers for generic as well as highly customized lubricants in the automotive and industrial segments. Some of these products are import substitutes.

Product range

The company is present in the following business segments :
  • Specialty oils
  • Industrial oils
  • Automotive oils

Additol products meet the norms laid down in API, JASO and IS. High quality standards have been a critical element in capturing a fair share of the domestic market in a short span of time. The company's commitment to quality has been endorsed by no less than Bajaj Tempo (Force Motors) which has selected Additol to supply its requirement of industrial lubricants.

Research and development will continue to be the focus area of Additol to ensure that its products are on par with the best in the market as well to stay ahead of the competition through innovation in marketing, sales and product packaging and delivery.

Since inception, Additol was strongly supported by the investors, customers, vendors, suppliers and co-workers which helped the company face the challenges. We hope to continue to receive their support in times ahead.

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