Recently launched products

Additol Engine Flush improves the engine performance. Dosage: 100 ml for 2-wheelers; 400 ml for cars, vans & jeeps; 1200 ml for trucks & tractors.

Additol AdChill can be mixed with any type of drinking water (not necessarily distilled water) in the ratio of 1:3 (one part of AdChill to 3 parts of normal drinking water).


A new concept of Additol in reaching out to its small traders. Instead of their going to Additol dealers to pick up their requirement, Additol’s Suvidha van goes from town to town, locality to locality taking orders from its traders and replenishing their stocks of Additol products. This way the Additol traders spend more time selling their products (thereby earning more in a given time) rather than spending time and money on procuring them.

Suvidha has been an instant hit, and the management is seriously thinking of replicating Suvidha in other states.

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