Traffic Rules to be followed by people.

  • Do not use cell phone while driving on the road.
  • Accidents may occur as a result of alcohol- impaired driving but the tern does not necessarily mean driving after taking hard drinks and alcohol impaired driver is one who is under the influence of any drug having alcohol concentration.
  • Children should not be allowed to play on the roads.

Some rules for safety on the road :

  • Always use the Zebra crossing
  • Look to the right and left before crossing a road.
  • Use sub-way and over-bridge wherever there is one.
  • Never board or alight from a moving vehicle.
  • Never run while crossing a road.

Take these precautions:

  • Keep your vehicle under control
  • Follow Traffic Rules
  • While riding a two wheeler both the driver and the pillion rider must wear ISI marked helmets.
  • Don’t mix driving and drinking
  • Always carry driving license and vehicle papers.
  • Always concentrate on the road and drive defensively.
  • While taking a long trip avoid drowsiness or “Highway hypnosis’’ by stopping frequently to take water, tea, and exercise or nap.
  • On the highway don’t drive a vehicle too close to the vehicle moving ahead, maintain safe distance.

  • During the rainy season the roadway become slippery due to oil, water, dust and leaves. You must drive with your head lights on while operating your wipers. Take special care on turns and curbs and while applying brake.

While driving during the night take the following precautions:

  • Never over drive your head lights. The head lights should be cleaned and aimed properly always Use central lines and edge lines on the road of the roadway as guides. Don’t park your vehicle on the roadway. If you must, use a red warning light

Such persons must avoid driving:

  • Very old people
  • People suffering from epilepsy and seizures
  • Those who are on anti- histamine medication (like benadryle etc) as such medicines impair driving ability.
  • Patient suffering from Angina pectoris (stable or unstable)

The skills needed to drive safely

  • Must have good vision in front and out of the corners of the eyes (frontal as well as peripheral vision).
  • Must have quick reactions – to be able to brake or turn to avoid crashes.
  • Must have good eyes – hands – legs coordination
  • Must have ability to take quick decisions i.e must be able to make judgements about what is happening on the road.

  • Get your eye sight checked regularly. A good vision is essential for road safety.
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